Mod Nintendo 3DS to unlock all of it's potential.

No soldering ir required to add a 3DS mod-chip to N3DS. Just plug in one of the R4 3DS flash cards and you will unlock the handheld for playing Nintendo DS, DSi games as well as a giant back catalog of emulated NES, GBC, SEGA games etc.

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The R4 3DS name means Revolution for 3DS - Plug-and-Play modchip for the 3DS. There is no other more appropriate name than this one for the device. The Nintendo R4 DS was among the most popular flash card on the market and its popularity lasted for a long time. It was in late 2007 to early 2008 when R4 DSi was highly in demand that stores easily get out of stock. This was the first flash card that became a big hit. However, legal battles caused the development team to dissolve in the middle of 2008.

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After the team broke up, the manufacture of the R4 DS was done by several factories, but there was no software support developed for the flash card. After several months, more factories joined in making more R4 DS cartridges but with better features such as support for larger memory cards and better homebrew compatibility. However, the manufacturing got out of control and there were like ten factories making the cartridge. Each factory has a different name for the same cartridge that they were making, such as New R4, ND1, R4-III, N5, Nplayer, R4 Deluxe, R4 Advance, and more. We tried all these cartridges but we liked R4 SDHC the best. It is truly reliable though it does not have a spring. The regular R4 was dropped in the process because it no longer supports new applications and it has a limit of accommodating only memory cards of up 2GB. We no longer recommend the use of R4. There are other cards on the market that are much better. For instance, Acekard 2.1 looks better, is cheaper and has better compatibility. But there are still people who use R4 DS so we still have stocks of this card.

Usually, people still use R4 for them to continue using their 3ds homebrews. A homebrew is software that is made for a console but it is not approved by the authorities controlling gaming consoles. Some of the popular homebrew applications are:


This a slot-1 flash cart that is designed for the Nintendo DS series. It is built with the same size as the original cart. It is an upgraded version of R4. This comes with more features aside from playing homebrew games and applications but also multimedia features and multi-language.

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AceKard 2i - good R4 3DS / R4i Gold alternative?

AceKard 3DS 2i

The development team behind Acekard may have made a new R4, considered as the most famous flash card. This is the first team which immediately came up with a commercial solution for the new DSi right after its release in Japan. The team came up with Acekard 2i which can be used on Nintendo DSi, DS, and DS Lite. If you are still shopping for a flash card, you can pick Acekard 2i. This can work on your console now and the one that you may buy in the future. Moreover, Acekard 2i is backwards compatible with the older versions of the 3DS console. Make sure that the Acekard and the firmware that you are using are compatible with each other.

Another outstanding feature in the Acekard is its AKAIO firmware. This is an open source loader which means that it can be updated and modified by anyone. The said firmware was created by the same team who made the AKAIO (AceKard All in One) software. The AKAIO firmware is currently the most updated firm available in the market. It boasts of features that are requested by users. You can find this firmware and download it from the official website of Acekard.